If you provide any content, images, or other materials to Wall Mural LLC, these Terms of Use (the “Contributor Terms”) as well as the Wall Mural Terms of Use (, which are hereby incorporated by reference, apply to you. These Contributor Terms may be changed or updated at any time, but you can always find the most recent version here. In the case of inconsistencies between these Contributor Terms and information included in off-line materials (for example, promotional materials and mailers), these Contributor Terms will always control. You should periodically check this page to make sure you are up to date. For purposes hereof, your biological and adopted children, and minors for who you are legal guardian, are together referred to as “your minors”.   For purposes of these Contributor Terms, the term “you” means you and your minors.  

“Your Content” means all tangible, intangible, and/or digital (i) content in any communication that you have with Wall Mural and (ii) images you provide to Wall Mural.  Your Content incudes any content provided to Wall Mural by or for your minors through the App or otherwise. You represent and warrant to Wall Mural that (i) you either own Your Content or have written permission from the copyright owner to make Your Content available to Wall Mural and other App users, (ii) have all rights (including model and property releases, if any) required for you to make Your Content available through the App and/or the Service, and for the manufacture, display, distribution, and sale by Wall Mural to you of Wall Murals that display Your Content.  As between you and Wall Mural, you retain all intellectual property rights to Your Content other than those rights granted by you to Wall Mural.

By using the App and providing Wall Mural with Your Content, you grant Wall Mural, all rights in Your Content required to (A) copy, display, modify, manufacture, distribute, transmit, make, and sell Your Content to you, in any manner, including any derivative works thereof, (B) to fully and completely process an order by a Wall Mural purchaser that includes Your Content, (C) display a Wall Mural that contains Your Content and (D) display Your Content in or on the App, in any Wall Mural marketing or promotion, whether printed or digital, through and including printing and installing all Wall Murals containing Your Content.  

By providing Wall Mural with Your Content, you are representing and warranting to Wall Mural that (i) Your Content and the manufacture, distribution, sale, and display of a Wall Mural that includes Your Content does not and will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party including without limitation any copyright, moral rights, trademark, patent, right of publicity or right of privacy, or any other right that may exist in any applicable jurisdiction, (ii) Your Content is accurate and not misleading or deceptive and does not offer or disseminate fraudulent goods, products, services, schemes, or promotions and does not contain material that is false, inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, defamatory or libelous obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy, in violation of anyone’s rights, including their privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable, (iii) you will not sell a Wall Mural displaying or containing Your Content to a third-party, and (iv) Wall Murals displaying or containing Your Content will only be used for non-commercial purposes. Wall Mural reserves the right to screen Your Content (but has no obligation to do so), to remove Your Content from the App and any printed material, to suspend or cancel your account, and to cancel any Service provided to you, at any time, in Wall Mural’s sole discretion including if Wall Mural receives a complaint that Your Content is infringing on another party’s intellectual property rights. 

The App and Service is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and by other applicable laws. You may not provide any content owned by someone else without the written consent of the owner of such content. You and you alone, are solely responsible for any copyright violations that you may incur as a result of your use of the App or activities on the Service. 

If you submit Content to Wall Mural that Wall Mural, in its sole discretion, believes may infringe another party’s intellectual property rights or Wall Mural receives a complaint that Your Content is infringing on another party’s intellectual property rights, Wall Mural may immediately terminate your account, in addition to any other remedies Wall Mural may have.