+ How does the cost of a Wall Mural compare to other options like paint or wallpaper?

The Wall Mural option is generally about 25% more than traditional options like paint or wallpaper. However, neither of those options offer the same level of creativie options. Our material and app are state of the art and offer a considerable upgrade in wall decor options. Compared to other options in our space, we are in line with most and cheaper than many, but none of them offer an instant "try before you buy" approach that you get with the Wall Mural app, so you can feel extremely confident that Wall Mural offers the most comprehensive expereince, options and cost available today.

+ When will my mural order ship?

Our turnaround time is typically 3 to 5 days, and then we ship it out via ground so depending on where you are located the material arrives about one week after you place your order.

+ When can we expect an android version?

We have one in development right now. Stay up to date on its release by signing up for notifications at www.wallmural.com/android

+ How do i view the app intro tutorial intro again?

Tap the question mark on the upper right hand corner of the log in screen.

+ Why is the app is not letting me log in to my account?

This is usually a result of being logged in on another device. Try logging out of all devices and trying again.

+ when the app starts, there is a drop down menu, how do i make it go away?

Simply tap anywhere, or select one of the other navigation options to access the walls or murals sections.

+ single or panoramic photo, how do i decide?

For the best Wall Mural Preview, we suggest trying to have the wall take up about 40% - 60% of the picture. This will allow for a more complete preview and help to visualize the final mural better. However, we undertsand that not all rooms have enough space to capture the whole wall, so we created the panoramic, or photo stitch as a way to tak multiple pictures that the app will them "sticth" together to create one continuous wall. Start by taking one picture all the way to the left, and then continue to take one picture after another until you have captured the whole wall. The best results happen in 2-4 pictures so try and keep it minimal. We also understad that this is a new technique so do not get frustrated after a few attempts, keep trying, it gets easier and the becomes very useful.

+ How come i can not take a picture on the "take a picture screen"?

When the Wall Mural App first loads you are asked if the app can use your camera. If you declined access, you will hae to go back and grant access to the app. To do so, go to settings, scroll down to the Wall Mural App and select it. On the next screen make sure photos and camera are selected. We also recommend using cellular data so you can access the image library while off wifi, if available to you.

+ I'm stuck on the select all four corners screen, why?

Chances are, you have not selected ALL 4 CORNERS. It is important that you move the corner selection tool for each of the corners. If you happen to have one or more of the corners already in the perfect postion, simply move it and move it back. The app needs recognition of each of the four corners to advance to the next screen.

+ Saving Wall, or Saving Murals is going slow, or froze on me, now what?

Because our app uses a network connection to save your data remotely it is possibe that you have a bad data connection. If this continues to happen, even with a very good digital connection, please contact us immedately so we can try and replicate and resolve the issue. The reason we store the data remotely is so you can access your collections on multiple devices using the same username and password. For instance you can access your app Walls and Murals on your iPad, even though you took the pics on your iPhone, just by using the same username and password. This is the reason we decided to use a data connection for storing info, rather than on the device.

+ Can you tell me a bit more about the actual material that i will be applying to my wall?

Our material uses a removable adhesive fabric that can be mounted to any surface and repositioned countless times while retaining its adhesion without leaving a residue. The unique opaque properties prevent translucency problems associated with comparable products.

+ What about the safety? Do you have any safty ratings for the material?



+ I have an iphone 4 (or 4S) will the app work for me?

The Wall Mural App will not display properly on a 3.5" screen. The app is optimized for iphone 5 and 6 and works best on newer iPads.

+ Is there a step by step set of installation instructions?

Of course, just click on the INSTALLATION tab at the top of this page, or HERE