Social Media Manager?

Below you will see a step by step introduction guiding our social media manger on their journey with Wall Mural. In an attempt to acclimate you to the way that i like to operate i thought it would be beneficial to start the job in this manner. The initial focus for this position will be around organizing our Facebook ads and deployment.

I started Wall Mural as a subsidiary of another company that i founded called Real Hit Media and i run that operation with a completely "remote" workforce. It is with this in mind that i am seeking the right person to come on board at this time. If you are receiving this, its because i believe you may be that person based on what i have seen already from you.

Please see the steps below for a better understanding of how this will work, or at least start. There is a ton of opportunity at Wall Mural and you are getting in very early on this journey.



The first steps: Month one

1. The first function of this position is to organize and manage our posts on Facebook and create a schedule for posting ads. This can all be done using the Facebook Power Editor (which we will get to later).

2. Over the course of our first few months we launched a social media campaign using an agency that built us over 200 posts. They are all saved on a Google Spreadsheet and easily accessible.

3. Using the Facebook Power Editor we need YOU to create a set of posts using the content created by the agency and "redeploy" them. The way we see it, we want one post per day to be set to go on a schedule and given the amount of content already created you should be able to create a few month head start before we need to ramp up and renew.

4. Once the Power Editor is all set up, much of the social media management for Facebook will be handled via the very powerful Facebook Ads App for iOS. You will be able to monitor progress and make necessary tweaks to the postings as well as remain notified of follower comments. Over time, we expect for you to be able to stay engaged with our followers but from the get go you will have the backup (via iMessage questions) to get answers directly from us.

THE NEXT STEPS: MONTH 2 and beyond

1. Re-engage with other social media channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and others. You will also be responsible for finding NEW CONTENT as it pertains to the industry. We will likely have a better idea of what YOU are capable of at this point and will hopefully continue to evolve this position for you and make it into an opportunity that you may have not been expecting at the time you answered this job post.

2. This is up to you... Where do you think we will go at this point? I very much look forward to your thoughts when we get to this point in time.


Message me at 718-986-7646 and we can have an actual "voice" conversation, and trust me, there wont be many of these if you are the right person for this job. Good Luck and thanks for your time.